SKL Newsletter 27 February 2007

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SKL Newsletter – 27 February 2012

iThenticate: Professional Plagiarism Prevention

iThenticate provides professional plagiarism detection and prevention technology. It is used worldwide by many publishers and research organizations to ensure the originality of work before professional publication. iThenticate allows publishers and researchers to easily upload and scan documents, manuscripts, research and other professional works into iThenticate, which then compares the work against 17 billion web pages and 115 million content items from leading academic publications. iThenticate is part of iParadigms LLC, the creators of Turnitin.

Ulakbim (TURKISH ACADEMIC NETWORK and INFORMATION CENTER) has subscribed to iThenticate and opened it to university libraries all over the country. To use iThenticate, you can register by getting in touch with our Library representative, Ayla Günel (

For more information please CLICK HERE

Time to Announce the Winner!

Thank you for your participations and suggestions.

We had more than 800 name suggestions for our new search engine and, suggested names will be evaluated by a Jury.

The winner will be announced during the ceremony in Library Building (Atrium) on 29th of February at 3.00pm.

We look forward to see you at the ceremony!

Cookies and beverage will be served at the ceremony.

Dear Students,

Our campaign for a quiet library continues this Spring with your participation!

We appreciated very much your hundred-strong signatures and comments in support of this campaign last semester.

Our aim is to provide each user of the library with a quiet and peaceful learning environment both for individual and collaborative study.

Let’s recall our mottos from last semester, Koç Students:

1. Have respect for other library users

2. Don’t speak loudly while others are studying or searching

3. Don’t talk on the phone in the library

4. Don’t bring food and drink into the library except water or drinks in enclosed mugs

5. Be environmentally- conscious; only use as much paper as you need, and use the recycling boxes

6. Leave your study area clean once you are finished with it

7. Don’t occupy a seat with your stuff unless you soon expect a friend who will be studying with you

8. Protect the library equipment, use materials diligently and don’t damage them

9. Don’t change the places of the furniture

10. Have respect for library rules

Best wishes,

Suna Kýraç Library.

For more information please send email to or call #1316, 1317