MBGE SEMINAR by Doç. Dr. Mehmet Somel

Time: 14:30
Location: ENG B16

Speaker          :
Doç. Dr. Mehmet Somel, ODTU Biyolojik Bilimler Bölümü

Title                : A brief history of Anatolian human populations
Date                : October 13, 2017 Friday
Time               : 14:30   
Cookie & Tea: 14:15 ENG B16  
Place               : ENG B16

Abstract         : The METU/Hacettepe Archaeogenomics Laboratory uses genetics to study the history of humans and domestic species, including the demographic histories of populations, local kinship patterns within past human societies, and evolutionary changes. Here I will present three recent studies on Anatolian demographic history. One is focused on population dynamics of the Neolithic Transition: the development of sedentism and farming in the Near East and its subsequent spread into the Aegean. The second study is on maternal genetic composition in North Mesopotamia and how it changed in time. The third one involves Neanderthal ancestry in present-day Southwest Asian populations, including Anatolians. Overall, our findings reveal increasing genetic diversity in Anatolia over the last 10,000 years driven by immigration from diverse regions, while there exist no evidence for population replacement as claimed in popular culture.