Marketing Seminar-Özlem Sandıkçı

Author: CASE
Time: 10:00
Location: CASE 127


17 November 2017-FRIDAY
CAS 127- 10:00-11:30


Speaker :  Özlem Sandıkçı -Şehir University

Title       :   Who Owns the Market? Marketing Strategy in the Age of Ethno-Religious Tensions

Time      : 10:00 -11:30

Place      : CASE 127

Abstract: Contemporary marketplaces are characterized by ethnic diversity and are subject to a multiplicity of social, cultural, and religious flows. Such multicultural environments bring opportunities as well as threats. In this paper, we focus on the rise of the halal market in the West and examine its implications for marketing theory and practice. In recent years, the halal market has expanded from food and beverages to several other sectors including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, fashion, and tourism and from Muslim-majority to Muslim-minority contexts. However, parallel to the proliferation of halal products in Muslim-minority contexts, anti-halal campaigns are also on the rise. Many brands find themselves under fire for getting halal-certified and become targets for boycotts. Through a nethnographic study of major anti-halal campaigns, we identify the triggers of anti-halal activism and explore the strategies that opposing consumers utilize in expressing their resistance. The study contributes to the existing knowledge on the dynamics of marketing in multicultural environments, consumer adversary, and market formation. It also provides recommendations to companies on how to design and manage marketing strategies in contexts characterized by ethno-religious tensions.