Ece Demir-Lira, PhD. Research Scientist, Department of Psychology, University of Chicago

Author: CSSH
Time: 16:00
Location: SOSB35

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to fall behind their peers in their academic achievement. However, some of these children exhibit academic resilience; they follow positive academic trajectories and achieve success in school and beyond. I will present my recent work that examines the sources of academic resilience in children from diverse parental backgrounds. Using behavioral methods that characterize children’s home experiences, I will first ask how parental language input relates to children’s academic outcomes. Leveraging neuroimaging measures, specifically fMRI, I will then examine how parental language input and parental background characteristics relate to the neurocognitive basis of children’s academic performance. This work will present a model whereby parental background characteristics have specific, reciprocal, and non-uniform effects on the behavioral and neurocognitive basis of children’s academic outcomes.