Talk by Vojin Majstorovic: "Variations in the Sexual Violence: The Red Army in the Balkans and Central Europe, 1944-1945"

Author: CSSH
Time: 17:30
Location: SOS Z27

Dr. Majstorovic’s talk discusses the Soviet Union Red Army’s occupation of Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Austria in the last year of World War II. One of the main findings of his research is that the same soldiers and officers of the Second and Third Ukrainian Army Groups wreaked havoc against the population in “enemy” Romania, Hungary, and Austria, raping hundreds of thousands of women. In contrast, they acted with more restraint in “neutral” Bulgaria and “allied” Yugoslavia, victimizing thousands of women. In order to explain the variation in the Soviet troops’ treatment of civilians in these countries, he will discuss the army leadership propaganda and policies towards rapists in the ranks, as well as the frontline troops’ popular attitudes to the local population. In the presentation, he will also pay attention to the issue of large number of Soviet deserters and stragglers who proliferated in the rear of the regular army and who made a significant contribution to the Soviet rampage.