Marketing Seminar- Shai Danziger

Author: CASE
Time: 10:00
Location: CASE 127


20 April 2018-FRIDAY
CASE 127-


Speaker :  Shai Danziger is Professor of Marketing at Tel Aviv University

Title       : Gift-Giving Motivations at Social Events, Event Enjoyment, and Monetary Gift Amount

Date    :      20 April-FRIDAY

Time      :  10:00-11:30

Place      : CASE 127

Abstract: This research studies the psychology of monetary gift giving at social events. More specifically, it examines how guests’ gift giving motivations interact with their expected or experienced event enjoyment to influence gift amount. The results of field data from a wedding, from a bachelor and bachelorette party, and from four laboratory studies show expected event enjoyment and gift amount are positively related for guests reporting high levels of wanting to give a gift, but are not related for guests reporting low levels of wanting to give a gift. Friends of the hosts report higher levels of wanting than having to give a gift, while acquaintances report higher levels of having than wanting to give a gift. Consistent with research showing a stronger effect of actual than imagined experience on judgment and behavior, close friends give larger monetary gifts after experiencing an enjoyable event than before experiencing it. Finally, results show that only friends who are high on dispositional communal orientation, which is associated with non-contingent helping and support of others, report intentions to give more at an imagined wedding where gifts are given at the weddings end than at its beginning.