ORCIBS Seminar - Çağrı Haksöz

Author: CASE
Time: 11:00
Location: CASE 216

ORCIBS Seminar

Speaker: Çağrı Haksöz- Sabancı University

Title: Risk Intelligent Supply Chains on the Silk Road

Date:  FRIDAY, 24 February 2017

Time:   11:00-12:00

Place:  CASE 216

Abstract:Today’s world is more uncertain, fragile, complex, and entangled than ever. Existing risks in global supply chains become harder to assess and manage while unknown elusive risks appear constantly. In such an environment, decision makers need to develop risk intelligence to anticipate and take right risks in order to thrive. This talk will present the Risk Intelligence Theory (Haksöz, 2013) –a cognitive mindset--starting with the Ancient Silk Road supply chains leading towards global supply chain networks. The trans-disciplinary focus and the integrated framework create a novel learning journey for mastering risk intelligence. Risk intelligent strategies and practices of leading organizations will be shared.

Bio: Çağrı Haksöz is a management scholar of Risk, Supply Chain, and Operations at Sabancı School of Management, Sabancı University, İstanbul, Turkey.  He was recently a visiting research scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany. Before, he was an affiliate member of the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies, Regent’s College, London, UK during 2011-2015, and a research professor at Cass Business School, London, UK during 2004-2008. His research focuses on supply chain risk, risk intelligence, behavioral decision making, and Modern Silk Road supply chains. As a leading scientist pioneering the concept of Silk Road Supply Chains, Haksöz has advised The World Economic Forum and EastWest Institute, New York.  He has published articles in journals such as Operations Research, MIT Sloan Management Review, Mathematics of Operations Research, The Journal of Operational Research Society, International Journal of Production Research, The Journal of Operational Risk, and IEEE Systems Journal. He has authored/co-authored/co-edited four books titled Managing Supply Chains on the Silk Road (co-edited with S. Seshadri and A. Iyer, 2011), Global Perspectives: Turkey (co-authored with M. Cakanyildirim, 2012), Risk Intelligent Supply Chains (solo authored, 2013), and İpek Yolunda Tedarik Zinciri Yönetimi (co-edited with S. Seshadri and A. Iyer, 2014).   He is an advisor for national/international organizations, think tanks, and start-ups. Haksöz holds BSc in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University, Turkey, Masters and PhD in Operations Management from Stern School of Business of New York University, New York. Besides science, Haksöz is an active musician, performing –solo and with his Yaren Ensemble New York—composing, and improvising with traditional instruments such as Bağlama, Tanbura, Divan Saz, Cura, Tanbur, Yaylı Tanbur, Uzbek Dutar, Azeri Tar, Navajo and Java Flutes.