Seminar by Dr. Seren Dalkıran:

Author: Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF)
Time: 10:00
Location: Öğrenci Konseyi Odası / Student Council Room

Comprising more than half of 7.4 billion people of the current world population, the so-called Millennial Generation (age 18-25) is emerging. They will not only comprise 75% of the global work force in 2025, but as young emerging leaders within this generation they are (future) decision-makers and architects and collaborators in the future prospects of our world. This study conducted worldwide sheds light on new forms of leadership, cooperation and the narrative this cohort adheres to within the framework of social and sustainable change processes. For the methodology of this study, a mixed-method approach through both quantitative and qualitative research has been conducted in order to generate new data in more than 110 countries in order to assess the values, worldviews and leadership styles of the Millennial leader cohort. The implications of the findings for different forms of leadership and (organisational) paradigm were explored within the framework of global governance and international policy development for social change and sustainable development processes. Consequently, this study generated new data, knowledge and insights in human cooperation and alternative leadership paradigm in responding to the pressing challenges of the 21st century from a Millennial perspective.