Seminar by Dr. Seren Dalkıran:

Author: Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF)
Time: 10:00
Location: Öğrenci Konseyi Odası / Student Council Room

This study explores national differences in the perspectives and attitudes of global youth leaders within the millennial generation (defined as those with birth dates between 1979 and 1996) advocating for social change and sustainable development. An online survey (Global Values & Worldviews Survey on Millennial Leadership) on global values, worldviews and leadership styles among millennial generation leaders was developed based on integrated established frameworks (Hofstede, 1980; Inglehart, 1977; Schwartz, 2006) and in-depth interviews were conducted in order to examine the value-orientations, dominant worldviews and the relationship of these to preferences for leadership styles of millennial leaders worldwide. The survey reached an overall sample size of 912 respondents from more than 110 countries, including full coverage of 20 countries with at least 20 respondents across six continents. A national-level assessment among these 20 countries was undertaken to compare and contrast responses to issues pertaining to value-orientations, dominant worldviews and preferences for leadership style among millennial leaders worldwide. The statistical relations between the frameworks were assessed and complemented with in-depth interviews in order to analyse trends across countries. Finally, the implications of the findings for different forms of leadership and (organisational) paradigms were explored within the framework of global governance and international policy development for social change and sustainable development processes.