Talk by Özge Subaşı, "The Role of Design and Designers in the Future of Aging"

Author: CSSH
Time: 13:00
Location: CASE124

One important challenge of our future is the demographic change and how we get prepared for an aging society. The new agenda of a rapidly aging world population is affecting many things from infrastructures, health to a broader concept of social change. This talk introduces a participatory design study with multi-disciplinary experts and looks into the role of design and designers for co-designing technology for social change in this specific context. We are living in the era of open spaces, co-creation, participatory design and collabo­rative arts. The meaning and definition of artistic praxis and design are not fixed in time, they are both being re-defined, contextualised, specified. For creative industries, innovation is collaborative than ever. Everything, from most mundane things to most complicated products and services, is getting connected, contextualised, and smarter.   The study introduced here, discusses the framing of design and the roles of designers in this specific context. Further, the presentation gives an overview of the topic and how it relates to a future agenda of a design lab.