Seminar In Medicine, 22.05.2018, Prof. Dr. Ayşenur Meriç Hafız,

Author: KUSOM
Time: 14:15
Location: MED 176



Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Speaker          : Prof. Dr. Ayşenur Meriç Hafız, Koç University Hospital, Department Of Otolaryngology 

Tittle              : Laryngeal Transplantation: A new hope for laryngectomized patients

Time              : 14.30 (Refreshments will be served at 14:15)

Place              : MED 176

TelePresence   : AH 5th floor Chief Medical Officer / KUH 9th floor Meeting Room


Laryngeal Transplantation: A new hope for laryngectomized patients


Total laryngectomy and long-term tracheostomy patients experience communication problems due to inability to produce laryngeal speech. A number of additional problems, such as difficulties in swimming, bathing, or lifting heavy loads, also increase the morbidity of laryngectomized patients. It is highly desirable to improve the quality of life for patients with total laryngectomies whose life span has increased with improvements in surgical and medical treatments. For this purpose, laryngeal transplantation is becoming increasingly important.

The aim of laryngeal transplantation is to restore a physical and functioning organ, to replace a lost or irreparably injured larynx and to allow the recipient to achieve  a stoma-free breathing, swallowing, and voice production.

Like all surgical procedures, laryngeal transplantation also brings risks and burdens as well as benefits. Laryngeal transplantation has the potential for life-long immunosuppressive treatment and can associated with secondary cancer development. Thus, laryngeal transplantation remains a treatment in selected patients with irreparable laryngeal trauma or low-grade malignant tumors, however, patients with local advanced or recurrent throat cancer treatment are currently  not considered eligible.