Time: 14:30
Location: SCI 103


Speaker          : Vural Bütün, Department of Chemistry, Eskisehir Osmangazi University

Title                : Stimuli-Responsive Polymers, Superb Sources for Various Polymeric Nanostructures and Applications

Date                : December 6, 2018, Thursday
Time               : 14:30
Cookie&Tea  : SCI 103 14:15
Place               : SCI 103


Abstract         :  Our researches are based on the synthesis and characterizations of different types of stimuli-responsive (co)polymers which have great response to external conditions. They can self-assemble and form various nanostructures (micelles, gels, flocculates...) depending on a change of pH, temperature, ionic strength of the medium. They are getting more and more attention for various applications such as in biomedical technology (as antibacterial agents, drug carriers, controlled releasing systems etc), in sensor technology, in cosmetics. Recently, we have focused on poly(glycidyl methacrylate) based block copolymers and their derivatizations with morpholine, piperazine and tertiary amine type reactants which provide a way to tune surface activity, water solubility and self-assembly. Additionally, derivative polymers can also be converted into different structures with further reactions. They can self-assemble and form core-shell micellar structures depending on solution conditions due to having a stimuli-responsive block. Important outcomes of these copolymers are their usage as (i) stabilizers in heterogeneous polymerizations, multi-responsive microgels, nanometal dispersions, (ii) source for novel cross-linked micelles, hydrogels, antibacterial materials, LbL nanofilms, etc.  On the other hand, we also succeeded to prepare a novel multi-responsive microgel of water soluble monomer and “microgel-liposome” system having a potential in drug targeting/releasing applications. 


Keywords: Self-assembly, cross-linking, micelles, microgels, hydrogels, stimuli-responsive.



Bio                  : Prof. Dr. Vural Bütün has received his PhD at the University of Sussex-UK in 1999. He returned to Eskisehir Osmangazi University-Turkey (ESOGU) and started to work at the Chemistry Department as Assistant Professor in 2000. He became Associate Professor in 2002 and Professor in 2007. He is the Founder of both "Department of Polymer Science and Technology" and "Central Research Laboratory Application and Research Center" of ESOGU. He has published 74 scientific papers and one book chapter based on water-soluble polymers, surface-active polymers, self-assembly, cross-linked micelles, microgels, nanometal dispersions, nanofilms via LbL technology, schizophrenic copolymers, etc. His papers have been cited more than 3270 (WoS h-index: 28). He has received various scientific awards including Science Encouragement Awards (Third World of Academy of Sciences, TWAS-2004), Outstanding Young Scientist Award (Turkish Academy of Science, GEBIB-2004), Science Encouragement Award (Technological Research Council of Turkey - 204), Plastic Technology Research Award (PAGEV-2005), Polymer Science and Technology Award (2006), and Popular Science Award (2008). He has also became an Associate Member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences in 2009. In these days, he is the Dean of "Faculty of Arts and Science", the Manager of "Central Research Laboratory Application and Research Center" and the Head of "the Department of Polymer Science and Technology" at ESOGU.