Seminar In Medicine, 07.05.2019, Prof. Dr. Sacit Karamürsel

Author: KUSOM
Time: 14:00
Location: MED 176



Tuesday, May 7th,

Speaker        : Prof. Dr. Sacit Karamürsel, İstinye University, Department of Physiology

Title              : Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Techniques

Time             : 14.00 (Refreshments will be served at 13:45)

Place             : MED 176

TelePresence  : AH 5th floor Chief Medical Officer / KUH 9th floor Meeting Room



  Intraoperative neuro-(physiological) monitoring (IONM) is widely used today in many critical surgical procedures. The first use of IONM dates to the 1930s, with direct cortical stimulation performed in order to identify the motor cortex of patients with epilepsy. Following the introduction of the commercial IONM machine in 1980s, the technique became widely used.

  In this talk, the aim and the requirements of the IONM will be described. Then all monitoring modalities and techniques will be explained briefly with the key points. Somatosensory Evoked Potentials (SSEPs) recording techniques for the evaluation of ascending pathways and sensory cortical areas, Motor Evoked Potentials (MEPs) to monitor descending pathways and related neuronal networks will be addressed in detail.  Cranial nerves monitoring is also important during posterior fossa surgery. Therefore, cranial nerve 5, 7 and 8 monitoring, and the details related to Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potential (BAEP) recording will be discussed. Collaboration with the anesthetist and surgeon is crucial in order to obtain reliable responses from the patient. That helps to prevent possible damage to neural tissue. Loss and recovery of MEP responses will be presented in a cavernoma case.