Marketing Seminar- Matteo De Angelis

Author: CASE
Time: 13:30
Location: CASE 127


19 April 2019-FRIDAY
CASE 127- 13:30


Speaker :  Matteo De Angelis is an associate professor at LUISS Business School (Guido Carli University)

Title       : An Investigation of Unsustainable Luxury: How Guilt Drives Negative Word-of-Mouth

Date    :   19 April 2019- FRIDAY

Time      : 13:30-15:00

Place      :CASE 127

Abstract: This research investigates whether and why communication messages involving unsustainable luxury products may increase consumers’ intention to engage in negative word-of-mouth (NWOM) about the manufacturing company. Specifically, we propose that, when confronted with messages revealing that a purchased product has been produced in an environmentally or socially unsustainable manner, consumers experience a higher sense of guilt over luxury products than mass-market products. Guilt, in turn, drives consumers’ intentions to generate NWOM about the producer. We also propose that the positive effect of guilt on NWOM intentions is moderated by consumers’ individualistic orientation (i.e., the effect will be more pronounced among consumers with a higher versus lower individualistic orientation). Across three experiments, we find evidence for our predictions. Overall, this research makes important contributions to advancing the extant literatures on sustainable luxury, emotions associated with luxury consumption, and word-of-mouth.