CE Seminar by Doruk Dündar/ Technical Diving and Rebreathers; State of the art technologies and their use in underwater exploration

Time: 10:00
Location: ENG 208





Speaker: Doruk Dundar

Renowned underwater photographer and explorer Ali Ethem Keskin will accompany this event if his schedule allows.

Date: April 22st, 2019

Time: around 10:00am

Place: ENG208

Host:  Kerem Pekkan-Melis Şerefoğlu

Title:Technical Diving and Rebreathers; State of the art technologies and their use in underwater exploration


Abstract: Technical diving is an interdisciplinary art that integrates advanced engineering technologies with the knowledge of human physiology. Through specialized training and dedicated teams, it allows the exploration of very deep underwater caves (>400meters) and difficult to reach nautical archeological sites and shipwrecks. In this special talk the engineering aspects of technical equipment that allow humans to operate at extreme environments will be reviewed. These include re-breather systems, O2/CO2 monitors and multiple gas management strategies and sensors. The talk will also review of exciting underwater explorations emphasizing their technical planning.  The presentation is co-organized as a MECH100 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, guest lecture.


Short Bio: Doruk Dundar received his engineering degree from the Middle East Technical University and has been working working at Ford Motor Company, Automotive Body Structures Division in Germany. Doruk is a member of METU-SAS (ODTÜ-SAT) diving team since 1999 and conducting cave diving since 2003. He has participated several technical diving campaigns around the world using Open Circuit Trimix Diving since 2005 and Rebreather (CCR) Diving since 2015. His certifications include: TDI Open Circuit Advanced Trimix Diver, IANTD rEvo CCR Trimix Diver TDI Rebreather Full Cave Diver and TDI Advanced Gas Blender