International Relations Seminar - Eric Schoon

Author: CASE
Time: 17:00
Location: CASE 127




THURSDAY, May 23, 2019

CAS 127 @ 17:00-18:15


Name: Eric Schoon- Ohio State University

Title: Robust Discourse and the Politics of Legitimacy: Framing International Intervention in the Syrian Civil War, 2011-2016 

Abstract: Legitimacy is widely invoked as a master frame in international political discourse. During episodes of contention, this frame is used by opposing sides to advance competing interpretations of the same social problems. Through an analysis of elite political discourses surrounding international intervention in the Syrian Civil War, we examine what distinguishes the effectiveness of US and Russian framing efforts when they use a shared frame to advance conflicting agendas. We show how features of the objects (i.e., what or who) being framed shapes the resonance and stability of the framing. Moreover, we show how framing objects that can be coherently reinterpreted in multiple ways facilitates the cultivation of discourses that are consistent despite changing social conditions and the evolution of framers’ goals. We refer to this as robust discourse and elaborate the implications of this concept.

Bio: Eric Schoon is an assistant professor of sociology at Ohio State University. His research focuses on the role of culture in contentious politics. He is also engaged in research developing comparative and relational methods of analysis. His work on these topics has been published in journals including International Journal of Comparative Sociology, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Politics, Social Forces, and Social Problems.