MBGE SEMINAR by Yongsoo Park

Time: 10:30
Location: ENG 208



Speaker                     : Assist. Prof. Yongsoo Park 

Title                            MicroRNA exocytosis by large dense-core vesicle fusion: microRNA can be a novel neuromodulator.

Date                            : 21 March 2017

Time                           : 10.30 am

Cookie & Tea            : 10.15 am

Place                           : ENG 208


Abstract: By combining interdisciplinary techniques that include cell biological, biophysical, and biochemical tools, we aim to investigate the molecular mechanisms of vesicle fusion. I will present two parts in the seminar. First of all, we have established synthetic neurotransmission that reconstitutes the vesicle fusion process using purified native vesicles, i.e., synaptic vesicles and large dense-core vesicles (LDCVs). I will show the complete reconstitution of vesicle fusion that reproduces in-vivo data. Synthetic neurotransmission allows us to directly explore the mechanisms of vesicle fusion. In the second part, we are studying microRNA (miRNA) exocytosis. Although non-coding RNA (ncRNA) that include miRNA regulates gene expression inside the cell where they are transcribed, extracellular RNA has been recently discovered outside the neurons. Using next-generation RNA sequencing, vesicle purification techniques, and synthetic neurotransmission, we observed that LDCVs contain a variety of miRNAs including miR-375. miRNA exocytosis is mediated by the SNARE complex and accelerated by synaptotagmin-1, a Ca2+ sensor. Our results are opening the new field and concept that miRNA can be a novel neuromodulator, which is stored inside the vesicle and released together with classical neurotransmitters by vesicle fusion.