TALK by Prof. Dr. Feroz Ahmad


The Gallipoli/Çanakkale Campaign and Its Impact on the Empire and the World War

Date: March 27, Friday

Time: 18:30 -19:30

Venue: RCAC Auditorium

Prof. Dr. Feroz Ahmad

Discussant: Dilek Barlas 

After the catastrophe of the Balkan Wars the Unionists, who now ruled the Empire, were totally demoralized. Even before the Great War broke out they knew that could not be isolated and needed a Great Power Ally. Finally Germany agreed to form an alliance with them and Istanbul became a belligerent in October 1914. 

The Gallipoli campaign lasted throughout 1915 and ended in an Ottoman victory. The success at Gallipoli ended Unionist demoralization. They no longer felt that they were Germany’s clients but partners who had made a contribution to the war effort. That confidence lasted until defeat in 1918 and even beyond. Those who became the nationalists and waged the war of liberation had been officers who had been tested at Gallipoli.