2015 MSCA Individual Fellowships for outgoing & incoming researchers

Another round of Horizon 2020’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowships call is upon us. Highlights: 

  • Deadline for submissions: 10.09.2015
  • We have made all official and support documents available at this link.
  • Click here for the official call page:
  • Different IF schemes apply to different scenarios.
  • Let RPDTTD know in the coming weeks if you have an incoming candidate (from abroad, new faculty or a senior/junior researcher you want to work with).
  • You can be an outgoing applicant, again, let us know.
  • RPDTTD supports candidates about the proposal templates, rules and procedures for this application.

Now please take a few minutes of your time for the introduction below:

2014’s Individual Fellowships (IF) call was the first one under the new Horizon 2020. Out of 18 applications hosted by KU, 4 were funded (CSSH, CASE, CE, SoM each received one). 

Quick eligibility:

  • Only PhD holders (degree should be awarded before submission deadline) OR, those with “four years of full-time equivalent research experience” can apply
  • Nationality does not matter
  • # of years after PhD does not matter
  • Mobility rule: Depending on the specific IF scheme, applicant should not have worked in Turkey either (Mobility Rule 1) more than 1 yr in the last 3 yrs, or (Mobility Rule 2) more than 3 yrs in the last 5 yrs prior to the deadline

There are different scenarios that apply to different IF schemes:

1. Do you want to spend 1 to 2 research years in a country (like the US) outside the EU + associated countries area? Or maybe you have the chance to synch your sabbatical to an IF application. If yes, it is a KU application and your scheme is “Global Fellowships” (GF). At the end of the grant time, there is a mandatory “return-to-KU” phase of 12 months.

2. Do you want to spend 1 to 2 research years in a EU country or associated country? If yes, it is not a KU application. Your European host institution will be supporting you. The scheme is “Standard European Fellowships” (SEF).

3. Do you want to bring in a non-KU faculty junior/senior (does not matter) researcher for 1 to 2 years for research collaboration? If yes, you are that application’s supervisor and it is a KU application.

3.1. If Mobility Rule 1 applies to the candidate, the scheme is SEF.

3.2. If she already spent between 1-3 yrs of research time in Turkey, Mobility Rule 2 might apply, then the scheme is “Reintegration Panel” (RI). RI means tougher competition because it is only one ranking list, all disciplines compete there. Whereas SEF has 8 different panels separated according to scientific fields.

3.3. If she took a “career break” for at least 1 yr prior to the deadline and Mobility Rule 2 applies, the scheme is “Career Restart Panel” (CAR). It is again, tougher competition, just one ranking list across disciplines.

4. Is a newly recruited faculty incoming, from the US or elsewhere abroad? If yes, he might be interested in writing up an IF application. It is a KU application and most probably Mobility Rule 1 applies. The scheme is SEF. If he spent more than a year of research time in Turkey towards the end of his PhD work, then Mobility Rule 2 applies and it is a RI scheme.

IF schemes have a fixed grant payment structure. You do not make a budget. There are three portions of monthly gross amounts paid to the fellow (with a 86.6% “country coefficient” adjustment for Turkey –incoming applicants– to the amounts below):

  • Living Allowance = €4650
  • Mobility Allowance =  €600
  • Family Allowance = €500

If the IF candidate has already negotiated a full-time faculty contract with KU, please remember that there are restrictions about additional income received from grants like this. Please consult RPDTTD's page here.

Feel free to email us or meet us about the IF. In our experience, a 2-3 weeks of focused work leads to a competitive proposal. If the candidate can come up with a full draft before the end of July, we can help also direct her to TUBITAK's "project evaluation" support.

Your RPDTTD contacts:

For LS, CASE, CSSH, CS: Emrah Göker, Grants Manager

For CE, SoM, SoN: Aşkım Demiryürek, Senior Grants Specialist

Zeynep Neyza Akçabay, Senior Grants Financial Specialist, gives financial and administrative support for all active MSCA projects. She can help you understand how the IF budget is paid and spent.

Best regards,

Research, Project Development and Technology Transfer Directorate