MUN Student Club's new success!

Author: Etkinlikler ve Gönüllü Projeler Ofisi

We have returned from Yeditepe University Training and Development Model UN Conference (Y-MUN 2015) with awards! 

We would like to congratulate all of our participants for their efforts!

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Irem Uysal - President Judge

Ece Yuceyuksel - Judge (Best Judge Award)

Osman Pepeoglu - Defense Counsel (Best Advocate)

Ekin Oner - Defense Counsel 


GA-1 Disarmament and International Security Committee

Beril Duman - Committee Director

Alkin Kiroglu - Russian Federation


GA-3 Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

Irmak Oguzhan - Russian Federation


GA-4 Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Sude Elverdi - Commitee Director

Inci Tasci- United States of America (Honorary Mention)


Economic and Social Council

Gokce Sencan - Commitee Director 

Beyza Gunsel - Russian Federation


United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

Yigit Emre Ciftci - Commitee Director 


Council of European Union

Melodi Kutuk - United Kingdom (Honorary Mention)


Unification of Germany (1871)

Doga Cakar - Under-Secretary General 

Kemal Umur Sabur - Commitee Director 

Bora Asik -Minister President Reinhard Carl Friedrich von Dalwigk


Tension Talks between USA and PR China

Emre Ilker Karatas - Committee Director

Egecan Ay - Sang Yi (Honorary Mention)


Irem Gur, Efe Aytaclar, Egemen Kucukgul - Administrative Staff