CE Seminar by Prof.Dr.Ir.Mehmet Aksit

Author: Engineering Faculty

Software Composition as a means to manage complexity and foster reuse: from modules to architectural concerns



“Separation of concerns” is considered to be the major vehicle for mastering the increasing complexity of software systems. Separating the right set of concerns and proving flexible composition operators should foster reuse of software, and ease modular verification. Along this line, since 1980’s, many language abstractions have been proposed: modules, objects, aspects. We will elaborate on these developments and outline the challenges in software composition, such as, managing naturally scattered and tangled concerns, reuse of domain specific models and patterns, and detecting and avoiding undesired interferences.




Mehmet Ak■it holds an M.Sc. degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Twente. Currently, he is working as a full professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Twente and affiliated with the institute Centre for Telematics and Information Technology. He has served many conferences and symposia. For example, he was the program (co) chair of ECOOP'97, SACT'00, HQSAD'00, NoD'02 and AOSD2003. He was the tutorial chair of the ECOOP'92 conference and the organizing chair of the AOSD'02 conference. He has been also serving as a program committee member of many international conferences and as a reviewer of several journals.