Promotions at College of Engineering


Dear colleagues,

 I am very pleased to announce that our Board of Trustees has approved the promotions of Dr. Halil Havaklı (to Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Molecular Biology and Genetics) and Dr. Sinem Çöleri Ergen (to Associate Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering).

 Dr. Kavaklı received his Ph.D. from Washington University in 2001 and joined our faculty in 2004 after a postdoctoral research period under the guidance of Professor Aziz Sancar at University of North Carolina. At Koç University, Professor Kavaklı succesfully established and developed a Molecular Biotechnology lab to support his research.  His main research area is biotechnology and its applications and his scientific contributions range from plant biotechnology to studies on the biological clock and development of biosensors and biofuels.  His research has appeared in the top journals in his field and  he is the recipient of TÜBİTAK Teşvik  and TÜBA- GEBİP Awards.

 Dr. Kavaklı has  significantly contributed to our undergraduate programs both in Chemical and Biological Engineering and in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Finally, he has been an outstanding mentor for graduate students and several of his students are successfully pursuing academic careers.

 Dr. Sinem Çöleri Ergen received her Ph.D. from University of California Berkeley in 2005 and joined Koç University in 2009 following a postdoctoral research period at UC Berkeley. Her research is area is telecommunications and her main contributions are in the design and analysis of wireless sensor networks especially for vehicular communication applications. Her papers have appeared in the top journals of her field and she has successfully supervised several graduate students. She is the recipient of BAGEP and TÜBA GEBİP awards.

 Dr. Çöleri Ergen has also contributed to our Electrical and Electronics Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs with a teaching portfolio comprising courses at different levels.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Kavaklı and Dr. Çöleri Ergen for these significant achievements.


Fikri Karaesmen 


Dean of College of Engineering