Turnitin anti-plagiarism service account information

Author: Bruce Rankin

Turnitin is a easy-to-use and powerful online anti-plagiarism service that vastly increases your ability to detect plagiarism in students' writing and, by quantifying how serious the problem is, whether sanctions are necessary. You are strongly urged to use the service, not only to catch those who commit plagiarism, but to discourage others from trying. Furthermore, as the database of KU student papers expands, the recycling of papers can be prevented.

If you do not already have an instructor account and would like one, please email Bruce Rankin (, the university's Turnitin administrator, requesting an account and include your first name, last name, and e-mail address in body of the email. Turnitin will email you with login information. After logging in, you can set up separate course accounts for each of your classes. The website is fairly user-friendly and has lots of help menus and tutorials. Should you have any problems, contact Professor Rankin for assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: The program is to be used only by faculty. Login information should not be shared with students, including graduate students.