SCIE 459 / SCIE 559 Special Topics Course


College of Sciences will offer a 1 credit special topics course during the week of Sep. 18th. The course will be taught by our distinguished research fellow, Prof. Çašan Žekerciošlu from U. of Utah. The course will consist of 10 lectures (2 lectures/day) that will be held between 13:30-15:30 from Monday through Friday. The classroom will be announced soon. Students will receive S/U grades from the course. Below you can find the course topic and description. We encourage all our interested undergraduate and graduate students to take this course. 


Please do ot hesitate to contact me ( or Prof. Žekerciošlu ( if you have any questions regarding this course.


Best wishes,

Alper Kiraz




Course Code: SCIE 459 / SCIE 559 Special Topics Course


Course Topic: Introduction to Conservation Biology


Course Description: Conservation biology is a crisis discipline that aims to document and conserve the planet’s biodiversity, study human impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems, prevent extinctions, and protect and restore ecosystems and their services. We will cover topics such as the value of and threats to biodiversity, conservation of species and populations, conservation practice, environmental protection, ecosystem services, sustainable development, climate change and other global conservation issues.