“Copernic”, a special programme for French speaking graduate students

Author: Efsun Fırtına Can-Kariyer Merkezi


Actually, Copernic it’s not really a Master degree programme but it requires, at least, a “Lisans” degree in Turkey. Its purpose is to let graduate students from different fields (engineering, economy, law) to complete their education in Management studies by means of 450 hours of courses during 6 months at two of the very best French higher education institutions like “Sciences Po Paris” and “Mines ParisTech” and at the “College des Ingénieurs”. After that, they will do a 6 month internship in a French company. It begins in October 1, 2011 and finishes September 30, 2012.


After the internship, two thirds of the students usually receive an offer for a position in the company where they do the internship.


Deadline  : February 25, 2011

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