3rd Koç Sohbetleri Talk by İpek Çelik Rappas: “Cheap Cities to Shoot: Screen Economy and Urban Change in Europe”,

Author: CSSH
Time: 11:00
Location: SOS143

Cheap Cities to Shoot: Screen Economy and Urban Change in Europe


Abstract: Cheap Cities to Shoot is a book project that addresses film and TV industry’s rapport with urban reconstruction in contemporary Europe. Based on interviews with film commissions, urban development agencies and media workers in Belfast, Berlin, Istanbul and Marseilles, it shows the boom of screen economy in European cities in transition. The book argues that the screen industry’s pursuit of affordable locations to shoot does not only align well with urban image makeover efforts, it also facilitates a city’s physical reconstruction. This study examines how films and TV shows shot in European cities promote and contribute to urban change. In other words, it studies the ways that camera and construction cranes reinforce each other’s presence.


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Light refreshments will be served. 


İpek Çelik Rappas is an assistant professor in Media and Visual Arts at Koç University


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