Marketing Seminar- Lyle Brenner

Author: CASE
Time: 10:00
Location: CASE 127


15 February 2019-FRIDAY
CASE 127- 10:00


Speaker :  Lyle Brenner -University of Florida

Title       : Choosing Reference Points

Date    :   15 February 2019- FRIDAY

Time      : 10:00-11:30

Place      :CASE 127

Abstract: People have considerable discretion in what reference point to compare an experienced outcome to.  Even in the simplest case of a binary event, the outcome can be compared to the previous state, or to the alternative state that did not occur.  For example, if you win a $50 even-money bet, the outcome could be viewed as having $50 more than before, or as having $100 more than what you would have had if you had lost.  Depending on the nature of the event contingencies, the choice of reference point can substantially change the magnitude of outcome evaluations, or even change their valence.  I will present data indicating that people are quite averse to explicitly using the alternative reference point, despite its (arguable) superiority.  I will also discuss some manipulations intended to trigger greater use of the alternative reference point, as well as some possible consequences of the choice of reference point.