Author: Ayşe İnan

Dear Students,

You may have noticed the brochures around campus announcing the 8 info sessions coming up in the next month.

These info sessions will tell you everything you need to know about going on exchange and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

Common Exchange myths:
(1) I will lengthen my studies by going on exchange.
FALSE. If you take the necessary steps before you go, then the courses you take on exchange are easily transferred back to Koç University.

(2) I will not find the courses I need on exchange.
FALSE. By meeting with your advisor and Faculty Dean before you leave, you find the school that is right for you and right for your course design.

(3) I will lose my scholarship if I go on exchange.
FALSE. You continue to receive your scholarship even while on exchange. In fact, Erasmus exchange students actually get paid to go on exchange and even have the opportunity to combine their exchange experience with a paid internship opportunity.

(4) Applying is difficult.
FALSE. Though, in some cases, there is a bit of paperwork to deal with, the application process is a simple step-by-step procedure. And the Exchange Office is here to help every step of the way.

(5) I have to pay the host school's tuition fee.
FALSE. By going on exchange to one of our partner schools, you only pay your tuition to Koç University.

All info sessions will be held in room B329 at the -3 floor of the Student Center. The times are as follows:
February 22, 13.30-14.15
February 23, 13.30-14.15
February 24, 12.00-12.45
February 25, 12.00-12.45
March 8, 10.00-10.45
March 9, 10.00-10.45
March 10, 15.30-16.15
March 11, 15.30-16.15

I look forward to seeing you there! And, please feel free to stop by the Exchange Office anytime to ask questions about exchange. You can also find more information at


Outgoing Advisor, Exchange Programs Coordinator
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Fax: +90 212 338 1267
Exchange Office, Students' Center Bldg
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