Management & Strategy Brownbag Seminar - Zeynep Aycan

Author: CASE
Time: 11:00
Location: CASE 216


Management & Strategy Brownbag Seminar-Zeynep Aycan

Speaker  : Zeynep Aycan- Koç University

Title       :  Worries about Leadership: A New Concept for Leadership Emergence & Effectiveness 

Time       : 11:00-12:30

Place      : CASE 216

Date       : 06 March 2020 –FRIDAY

Abstract: In the VUCA environment, leadership is not indisputably desirable. Tapping the emotion domain, a new construct, worries about leadership (WAL) is proposed (Aycan, 2015; Aycan & Shelia, 2019): worries people have about the possible negative consequences of assuming a leadership role. Findings of the research program (as opposed to a single study) on WAL conducted in the Leadership Lab ( will be summarized. Findings, so far, reveal that: (1) WAL is an orthogonal construct to Motivation to Lead (Chan & Drasgow, 2001), (2) 16-item self-report scale of WAL is a valid measure of the construct, (3) WAL predicts not only who volunteers for leadership, but also who is perceived to be an appropriate candidate for leadership, (4) high WAL may be an advantage for males (but a disadvantage for females) as they are perceived to have, so-called humane qualities, (5) WAL and leadership effectiveness has a curvilinear relationship: medium level of WAL (as opposed to high or low levels) is associated with effective leadership behaviors (e.g.,ability to listen to others), leader integrity and ethical conduct.