Author: Graduate School of Health Sciences
Time: 11:00
Location: TOWER 2

"Mapping cellular heterogeneity of cancer and bone marrow stromal cells in response to stress"


Dr. Murat Karabacak

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Transcriptome analyses of single cells from clinical samples and mouse models have been extensively used to define cellular heterogeneity and evolution during various disease and therapies. However, transcript-based methods are often unable to capture the dynamic post- transcriptional regulation and functional protein output. We addressed this by utilizing single cell mass cytometry and generated protein-based cellular maps in mouse models for (1) radiation conditioning for bone marrow transplantation and (2) targeted-therapy for PTEN-deleted metastatic prostate cancer. This mapping approach led to identification of the novel stromal cell populations that are critical in bone marrow transplantation and modulations in kinase signaling pathways in the various metastatic tumor deposits creating specific growth dependencies.