CE Seminar by Özgür Kaan Alioğlu/The Career of the future: Energy

Time: 16:00
Location: SNA A21






Speaker: Özgür Kaan Alioğlu

Title: The Career of the Future: Energy

Date: Thursday, February 27, 2020

Time: 16:00

Place: SNA A21

Host: Kerem Pekkan 


Bio and Abstract:

I have graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University. During 20 years of my industry career I studied the energy production and conservation in buildings. My career experience spanned both Turkey and almost all regions of Middle East. This experience led me to launch a public awareness campaign titled "The Manager Hits the Road" Volunteers for Zero Energy Loss in Buildings" which was extremely popular in Turkey. Through this campaign I am traveling in Turkey and reaching a large group of people and stakeholders during the last 3 years.    

  • On 2018 we traveled 30 cities during 30 days and reached 30.000 people traveling 9000 km. In the cities we visited we meet with all stakeholders including building residents, managers, technicians and K12 students.  Our outreach campaign on energy conservation reached over 100 thousand people. 
  • On 2019 we focused university students and traveled 40 cities and 40 universities. Through this campaign a large number of college students learned zero energy loss and importance of energy efficient buildings.   \
  • Currently project focuses on non-profit public organisations and we target to meet with 50 organisations at 50 cities in 50 days. 

In addition during the last 10 years I am organising workshops on career development and performance. Most recently I launched a new workshop on career opportunities in the energy sector targeting university students as the future public policy decision-makers. (