Fall '20 Online Turkish Practice Hours

Author: International Community Services Office (ICO)/ Uluslararası Topluluk Hizmetleri Ofisi

We are happy to let you know that Online Turkish Practice Hours (TPH) is coming back on October 22nd at 5 PM and will meet every Thursday at the same time except for holidays


TPH is open to each non-Turkish speaker affiliated with KU. Family members are welcome. 


  • Volunteers among OIP Staff to lead the practice hours
  • Language practice games
  • Culture and Language Talk 


Just follow this WhatsApp group link and say “Selam!” to your new friends in the group and introduce yourself. Our volunteers will welcome you and tell you how you will join the online meetings. 

More information…

  • Turkish Practice Hours will be held online on Thursdays between 5-7 PM– 1 time weekly except for any unexpected situations and official holidays.
  • There is more than one volunteer. They will all be on the WhatsApp group and introduce themselves to you and inform you who’s going to attend each meeting.
  • The online meetings will be through Zoom or Microsoft Teams and the related links will be provided prior to the sessions by our volunteers who lead the meeting on the WhatsApp group. 
  • The schedule will be shared on the WhatsApp group so that you will know what to expect from a session in advance.
  • Meetings will last about 2 hrs max.
  • Your family members are welcome to join if they want to, with or without you provided that they prove their relation to you (only KU members).
  • You are expected to communicate via the WhatsApp group prior to meetings to let everyone know how many people will be so our volunteers do not have to wait if no one shows up.
  • Each meeting tutors will start conversations surrounding a specific topic or skill geared towards daily life/speech. There will be some sessions to play some language games and/or role-playing. During the meetings, please keep in mind that there will be participants with different levels of Turkish, therefore please show courtesy and stay open to different opinions/levels of speaking skills.
  • For any questions, suggestions, or concerns, you can email the program supervisors Mr. Mert Şanıvar and Mr. Zikri Mert Demircan at


International Community Services Office Staff