Festival of Cultures 2020 (Online) November 16-20

Author: Migration Research Center at Koc University (MiReKoc)

Koç University’s partner at UNIC Alliance, the University of Oulu, invites Koç University Students to its Festival of Cultures 2020 on November 16-20. 

With a start-up grant from the European Union, in October 2020, Koç University became a member of the European University of Post Industrial Cities (UNIC) alliance, comprising of eight universities from eight European countries: University of Deusto (Spain), Ruhr University Bochum (Germany), University College Cork (Ireland), Koç University (Turkey), University of Liège (Belgium), University of Oulu (Finland), University of Zagreb (Croatia) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands). This alliance aims to boost mobility and inclusion to achieve societal impact and build connections among students and scholars at these eight universities. UNIC aims to foster a new generation of students who have the knowledge and skills to create societal impact not just within their own university and city but at a European level

As a UNIC alliance partner, University of Oulu invites students of Koç University to its Festival of Cultures on November 16-20, their biggest ‘Internationalization at Home’ event organized annually since 2017. During the event, Oulu staff and students represent their native cultures in ways that feel the most authentic to them. The event offers attendees the unique possibility to experience dozens of cultural representations (e.g. last year, 43 cultures were represented) without traveling abroad. It celebrates Oulu’s diversity, multiculturalism, and wide partnership network, which are core UNIC alliance aims. This year, the Festival will be held mostly online. You may join the event via Facebook