ANAMED Talks | Oya Pancaroğlu - Dealing with Exceptionality in Islamic Architecture of Medieval Anatolia: The Case of Divriği

Author: ANAMED

Date:   21 January 2021
Time:  18:30 (Turkey Local Time, GMT +3)

Long recognized as an iconic and peerless monument of medieval Anatolia, the Mosque and Hospital Complex of Divriği (1228-29) has inspired a number of modern interpretations as ornate as the famed decorations of its exquisite portals. The aura of exceptionality bestowed on the complex is an understandable response to its artistic appeal but this aura has, over time, encouraged a haze of dissociative interpretation. Rather than assessing the validity of the various interpretations, this presentation aims to interrogate the basis of the perception of Divriği’s exceptionality and to consider the consequences of “monumental exceptionalism” for the study of the Islamic architecture of medieval Anatolia.

This event will be held in English.

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