Save the Date for Spring ‘21 Online Turkish Practice Hours Info Meeting

Author: International Community Services Office (ICO)/ Uluslararasý Topluluk Hizmetleri Ofisi

We, the International Community Services Office (ICO), are happy to announce to you that our online Turkish Practice Hours (TPH) resumes for the new semester!

The TPH is designed to be a platform where the Turkish learning KU affiliates and their family members can practice their Turkish conversational skills with native Turkish speaking volunteers. 

The meetings are online and led by the volunteer Office of International Programs (OIP) staff members and other KU volunteers. The sessions are very joyful, and we cover various topics with role playings, games, conversations, and more. 

We were on break from the TPH sessions because of the final exams and the semester break. We, as volunteers of online Turkish hours, are looking forward to a new semester with former and new participants!

We are going to meet online and decide the days and times of our upcoming TPH  meetings for the next semester. Please have your calendar available next to you at the meeting since you will vote for the day slots. In the end, the meeting frequency will be decided all together.

Meeting Details:

Topic: TPH Info Meeting for Spring ‘21

Time: Feb 18, 2021 03:30 PM Istanbul


Meeting ID: 958 5048 4899

Passcode: Merhaba! 

Save the date!

Hope to see all KU Turkish learners!

Visit for more information.

We also urge you to follow us on Instagram: icokocuniv where we announce the upcoming sessions.


International Community Services Office Staff