Erasmus+ Study application deadline is this Friday! (05/03/2021)

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The application deadline for the first round is this Friday! (05/03/2021)

Visit our website for more information and do not miss this chance! Explore Europe via Erasmus+ Study Mobility Program!

Application Dates

For more information on scheduling, please check OIP’s Application and Selection Calendar

Important Notes:

1-The new 2021-2027 Erasmus+ program is about to be launched and the rules and regulations of the new Erasmus+ program including the application process and Erasmus+ grants are yet to be announced by The European Commission.

2-Since the details of the new program are not finalized, the first call of applications will be opened through Erasmus+ 2020-KA103 project and the selection process will be done in accordance with Erasmus+ 2020-KA103 project budget. Considering the remaining project budget, we are planning to distribute the grant to approximately 75 students for this application call. The students whose rankings are below 75 in the placement of first call will be able to participate in the program as zero-grant students. The results of the grant distribution will also be included in the announcement of the placement results.

3-If The European Commission publishes the details for the new Erasmus+ program in the upcoming months, Erasmus+ study mobility second and third calls of the applications might be opened through Erasmus+ 2021-KA103 project, using the new program rules and grant distribution. The changes in the program rules and grant distribution will be announced to students in the second and third calls of the applications , if the information is available.

Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, suspension decisions can be taken or partner universities might switch to online education depending on the COVID-19 situation in the later stages.

Partners & Destinations:

Students are advised to check KU’s Institutional Partner List before their application. Please be careful about the following:

• Make sure to select the program type as Erasmus+

• Read the details on partner institutions’ web pages such as Departments/Colleges included, quota, Fact Sheet, Course List, Language and GPA requirements, etc.

• Once you have a list of possible destinations, please contact us if you have specific questions on partner universities.

• Please note that you can list up to 6 universities in your preferences while you are making your application. OIP strongly encourages KU students to select more than 1 university during the application process.

• If you have any academic questions related to course equivalency and course transfer procedures, please contact your exchange coordinator at your department for more information and academic advising.

Application Requirements

• Minimum required CGPA 2.20 for undergraduate, 2.50 for graduate and postgraduate students.

• Students will be able to apply for exchange programs with the following required language scores, even if the language scorecard is expired ;

-Koç TOEFL (TOEFL PBT): minimum 550- You may request the document from the Registrar’s Office

-TOEFL IBT: minimum 80

-IELTS: minimum 6.5

-KUEPE: minimum 60

In addition to this, Postgraduate students can apply for exchange programs using;

-GRE Verbal reasoning: minimum 135

-GMAT Verbal session: minimum 15

If you have further questions about the language requirements, please visit our website to see the announcement.

Application Documents

•Transcript of Records (Registrar’s Office can issue your transcript online and send it to you via e-mail. Please request your transcript on KUSIS and ask the Registrar’s Office to send you your transcript online. Please upload ALL PAGES of your transcript as one single PDF file.)

•Language Proficiency Test Score (Students who wish to apply using their KUEPE scores will need to take a screenshot of their KUSIS homepage, where KUEPE scores are shown. If students have any technical issues with screening their KUEPE results on their KUSIS homepage, they must contact the IT department to solve the issue. Students can also contact the Registrar’s Office and English Language Center to get their KUEPE results as well.)


•Special Needs Statement & Proving documents (if applicable)

•Substitutive documents for children of martyr and veteran people (if applicable)

•Substitutive documents for students who are covered by the 2828 numbered Social Services Law (if applicable)

Placement Criteria

•50% of your CGPA and 50% of Language Score

•Previous participation in any Erasmus+ program in the same study cycle: -10 points

•Disabled students receive +10 points if proving documents are provided in the application.

•Children of martyr and veteran people receive +15 points if proving documents are provided in the application.

•Students who are covered by the 2828 numbered Social Services Law receive +10 points if proving documents are provided in the application.

•Students who want to participate in mobility programs in their birth country receive -10 points.

•Not attending the required orientation/pre-departure orientations organized by OIP in previous Erasmus+ mobility exchange experience will result in deduction of 5 points.

How to Apply

•Online application is done via Demo video is available on program webpage

•Upload the scanned copies of application documents to Kuapp. Please make sure you upload the most up-to-date and correct application documents to the system.

•We highly recommend our students to complete their applications 1-2 days prior to the application deadline to avoid any complications or system errors.

Erasmus+ Grant

*The following information is applicable for the Erasmus+ 2020KA103 Project.

Erasmus+ Study program provides monthly stipend to students based on the table below. Koç University holds the right to determine the maximum duration for grant payment.


Countries In accordance with Daily Expenses

Host Countries in Mobility/Updates for Erasmus+ Projects after 2018

Monthly Student Mobility Grant (€)*

1st and 2nd Group Program Countries

Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden, The United Kingdom, Iceland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Malta


3rd Group Program Countries

Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia.



Additional Grant for Participants with Special Needs:

The allowances are offered when disabilities or health conditions lead to additional mobility costs, which exceed the maximum grant allocations allowed and which cannot be recovered from other sources. The grant covers approved actual costs. Participant should contact OIP for additional grant application.

Zero Grant Participation

Students are able to participate in Erasmus+ Study program without receiving a grant. However, it should be noted that the student have to go through the same application & selection procedures and submit the required documents (before-during-after mobility) to OIP.

Please check Erasmus+ Exchange program page for rules and detailed procedures.

Contact Us

Please send an e-mail to  if you have any questions about the program. You can also contact our Outgoing Student Advisors by booking an appointment on their office hours. You can use audio or video call on Microsoft Teams for advising on exchange programs. To book an appointment with our outgoing advisors please click here.


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