You're invited to the UNIC CREATHON! Ready to be part of change at your university together with the European Universities!

Author: UNIC Team at Koç University


Students from Koç University have the chance to let their voices be heard at the UNIC Creathon!

 Did you know?

Koç University is part of a new EU initiative called the European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC). UNIC is hosting its first student event, the UNIC Creathon, a 24-hour virtual event where international teams compete to develop innovative solutions for educational challenges and have the chance to win a cool prize.


How does it work?

1.     Apply to join. 5 participants per university will be selected at random and assigned to different teams.

2.     Students from the 8 UNIC universities work in a virtual platform in mixed teams of 5 to develop solutions for existing challenges in our European University.

3.     Expert guides support and advise their team to the finish line.

4.     At the end of the event, each team pitches their idea in front of a professional jury to determine the winner(s).

Who can join?

1.     Bachelors and Master students from all disciplines.

2.     Students from the UNIC partner universities: Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Liege, University College Cork, Koc University, University of Deusto, Ruhr University Bochum, University of Oulu, University of Zagreb.

What's in it for you?

1.     1st prize winners receive a letter of recommendation signed by the UNIC Rector and an invitation to present their idea at the UNIC CityLabs Festival held in October 2021.

2.     International networking. Not only do you get a chance to work with students from other universities, you also get a chance to network with educators, researchers, and NGO staff from all over Europe.

3.     Connecting directly with key decision-makers. The Creathon Jury consists of Rectors, Presidents, and Directors from the UNIC universities.



Start: April 22 @ 10:30 CET

End: April 23 @ 14:45 CET


Register for the UNIC Creathon 2021 by 23:59 on April 8, 2021!



Check out the event page:

What is UNIC?

The European University of Post-Industrial Cities (UNIC) is a strategic alliance of 8 European Universities. (Erasmus University, Ruhr University, University of Oulu, University of Deusto, Koç University, University of Zagreb, University College Cork, Liége University) The alliance aims at increasing both academic and non-academic collaboration among the member universities, creating European University Experience for the students, creating societal impact in the post-industrial cities through research-based solutions.

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**** Language of the UNIC Creathon will be English. ****