Summer School 2021: INTL 450 - Turkey and America, East & West - Where the Twain Meet

Author: CASE

Dear Students,

International Relations Departmet is offering an elective course INTL 450 - Turkey and America, East and West-Where the Twain Meet to be given by Dr. Henry P. Williams, in this summer school. Brief information on the course, can be seen below:

Short Description & Course Overview:


Approaches to the behavior of individuals, groups, states, and international organizations in international


Differences and similarities in the experiences of both countries, and Europe and the Middle East, will be examined through the prisms of major events, ideologies, movements, technologies and key leaders.  Issues common to both countries, such as religion, sovereignty, nationalism, governance, liberty, the rule of law and human rights will be considered. 

Asia Minor has been home to many civilizations. The Turks are only the most recent occupants. In so many ways, Turkey is a product of that long history.

It absorbed the cultures and experiences, including by DNA, of those they conquered.

The Ottoman world, from the fourteenth century through World War I, significantly impacted not just the MENA, but Europe, and by extension, America from its colonial beginning.

And, in turn, the Ottoman World and Turkey have been heavily impacted by the West. The intersection of the Mediterranean world, of Turkey, the Middle East and Europe, NATO

and the United States, is old, deep, and enduring.

The aim of this course is more deeply educate, and sensitize, students to the the East-West political, economic, legal, military and cultural dynamics at play in history and current events.

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