March Newsletter from CIT

Author: Deniz Yuret

Dear Members of the Koç University Community,

The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to keep our users informed about the changes and improvements in our computer infrastructure and CIT services.  Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions and feedback by email to

You are probably reading this message in a daily digest -- a summary of all email announcements from Koc University for a given day.  We have implemented this system to increase readership and to prevent overloading of our mailboxes and our attention with the 15-25 messages our growing community produces every day.  My hope is that the users who currently filter all messages from SYSOP will start reading our digest once a day like a newspaper.  You can click on the "Subject" line of each message to view it in full.  Most messages in the digest also automatically appear in the new 
calendar page where recent events and announcements can be collectively viewed.  I would like to thank the CIT members who designed and implemented this system in a very short period of time.  However to make this work I need your cooperation: let's reserve individual announcements for urgent messages like snow alerts and electrical shortages and use the digest for everything else.

I have grouped the rest of the topics as in our 
faculty report.  You can find out further details in our March 2010 brochure.

1. Internet and intranet connectivity:

 - The main campus internet bandwidth has been increased from 100 Mbit/s to 200 Mbit/s.
- The School of Nursing internet bandwidth has been increased from 5 Mbit/s to 10 Mbit/s.
- A new bandwidth management server is being tested and configured to provide fair internet access to users.
- The intranet switches are being upgraded with the goal of supporting 1 Gbit/s across the campus within a year.
- The wireless network is being expanded with the goal of covering the whole campus by the end of this semester.

2. Network services (email, vpn, file storage etc.): 
- Our email servers have been upgraded to prevent losses and delays.

- The McAfee Quarantine system is now online.  Users can review incoming messages marked as spam and recover them if necessary. (
Read more).
- The new VPN server supports Windows, Linux, and MacOS for access from outside the campus. (
Read more).
- Upgrade and virtualization of all our servers is under way. 

3. Scientific computing support (linux, clusters, etc.): 
- A new linux cluster with 96 CPU cores, 48GB RAM per server, and infiniband switches has been purchased and is being set up in Eng-B210.  This is a base system which we hope will be grown by compatible server contributions from faculty projects.

- A new 90TB storage device has been purchased to provide backed-up bulk storage for research groups.
- We are interviewing candidates for an "Academic Computing Support" position who will help better utilize our research computers.
- We have enrolled in the "MSDN Academic Alliance" membership which provides free access to Microsoft products to qualified members of the community for research and education use.  (Read more).

4. Customer service:
- The doors of the CIT offices will be unlocked during working hours.
- The new call center is online at x1111 and all calls will be answered by CIT representatives during working hours.
- CIT personnel will be present at the location during the beginning of all seminars and presentations.
- We have added data projectors and audio systems in 7 classrooms.
- We have installed a laptop in each common room in the dorms.  A second laptop and new printers will soon follow. 
- We are preparing documentation for the use of classroom audio-visual equipment.
- We are planning to hire personnel who will regularly monitor hardware in classrooms and labs.
- We will be monitoring and improving our trackit response times.

5. Collaboration tools: 
- We are planning to offer collaboration services from an outside vendor in the very near future.

Please send any suggestions and feedback by email to  I am especially interested in feedback on email related problems and customer service suggestions.

Best regards,

Deniz Yuret
CIT Director
Assistant Professor of 
Computer Engineering