Fall 2012 KOLT Teaching Innovation Grant

Author: Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT)


Teaching Innovation Grants

Fall 2012

Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT) is pleased to announce the 2012 Fall Teaching Innovation Grants Program. The program will award up to seven grants to the members of the faculty to develop and lead an undergraduate course to implement methods that promote active student learning. We especially encourage applications to develop or revise courses for the new core program, and applications from the new members of the faculty.  

Funding may be requested for a wide variety of activities that will support undergraduate level courses through innovative course (re)design, or course related activities and materials. This semester KOLT especially encourages grant applications for:

(1)  attending disciplinary or general teaching workshops (including those given over the internet) including those in North America or Europe;

(2)  for using teaching and learning technologies in courses;

(3)  for designing and implementing courses that lead to an applied project or a product; and,

(4)  for collaborative teaching projects either with visiting faculty or among KU faculty.

As always, faculty members may use KOLT resources both to develop a proposal and during their project. KOLT resources that may facilitate the preparation of the grant applications are: the KOLT website for faculty, teaching videos, consultations with the director, the KOLT book collection, and assistance from the KOLT staff. KOLT resources that may support learning are the student response system (clickers), cameras, projectors, tutors, and KOLT student skills workshops. Applications may request funding up to 3,500TL.

Faculty Members who wish to apply for a Teaching Innovation Grant should submit a brief proposal (2-3 pages) by August 15, 2012 to KOLT (

Proposal Format

1.    Course Title and learning objectives of the course

2.    Objectives of the teaching innovation initiative

3.    Planned grant activities

4.    Current (latest available) syllabus for the course-if a new course is being developed, a draft syllabus will suffice

5.    Resources and support needed and an itemized budget

6.    Expected outcomes of the grant activities for learning

7.    Evaluation – a description of how the success of the initiative will be evaluated

Reporting requirements for Grants Awarded

1.    A syllabus of the course 1 week prior to the start of the semester.

2.    A mid-semester evaluation of the course to be conducted by the standard KOLT protocol.

3.    Participation in a grantee panel usually held during the final 2 weeks of the semester.