Yaşam Bilimleri Topluluğu

Author: Yaşam Bilimleri Topluluğu

Kimya, Kimya ve Biyoloji Mühendisliği ya da Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik mi okuyorsunuz? Yaşam Bilimleri’ne ilgi mi duyuyorsunuz? Yaşam Bilimleri Topluluğuna katılın ve bu kulübe üye olmanın ayrıcalıklarını yaşayın. Bizleri Çarşamba ve Perşembe günü Öğrenci Merkezi -1’de bulabilirsiniz.

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Are you studying Chemistry, Chemical and Biological Engineering or Molecular Biology and Genetics? Are you interested in the life sciences? Join the LIFE SCIENCES SOCIETY, and experience the privileges which come with the membership. We will be at the Student Center -1 on Wednesday and Thursday.

“The LIFE SCIENCES SOCIETY is a community consisting of students and faculty from the Engineering and Science Departments at Koç University. LSS aims to form a lasting network of individuals interested in the life sciences through a variety of events throughout the academic year. LSS will organize seminars which will encourage students to explore different career paths, while introducing them to successful figures in the engineering and science fields. LSS will also create social events where the members can meet in an informal manner. The Life Sciences Society welcomes all who are interested in the science and engineering disciplines and wishes to support and encourage its members throughout their academic lives.”

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