Library Seminars: 05 - 09 November 2012

Author: Suna Kıraç Library

Access Freely: Open Access Resources in Social Sciences

Monday, 5th of November at 15.00, Library Meeting Room by Ciğdem Yıldırım

Today, under the conditions of scientific information is very expensive and limitid access to resources, Open access pages have been getting more important  option as you can use resources easily without paying any fee. They are created  to maintain scientific circle and  include true and academic knowledge. If you need a different resource perspective , come and join our seminar  to explore this free scientific world together.


Good Lawyer = Good Researcher

Tuesday, 6th of November at 15.00, Library Meeting Room by Kamil Yeşiltaş

As a lawyer, you need some specific clue for collecting data in your research. Law has different type resources and all of them have difficulties for access. In this course you will gain ability how will you described case, which Supreme Court is important in your research area and where will you find the doctrine especially in Turkish Law.


Become an Advanced Google Searcher

Wednesday, 7th of November at 15.00, Library Meeting Room by Ersan Dur

Google is so easy to use, why take this tutorial? If you’re like many people, you use only a small number of Google’s services and features. The more you know about how Google works, its features and capabilities, the better it can serve your needs.


Make Your Presentation Alive: Using Adobe Captivate

Friday, 9th of November at 15.00, Library Conference Room by Sina Mater 

How many times did you fall asleep during the PowerPoint presentation? Many speakers have made several mistakes during their talks, such as speaking to the screen, putting too many things on one slide, and getting lost in the logic and structure of the talk etc. With this seminar we will try to improve your presentation skills and inform you on Adobe Captivate Software which is allowes you to create interactive slideshows, presentations, games, surveys, capturing screen movements, etc.