Library Seminars: 12 - 16 November 2012

Author: Suna Kıraç Library

inKUire - Where Research Begins!

Monday, 12nd of November at 15.00, Library Meeting Room by Ersan Dur

inKUire is a new discovery tool that enables searching across the majority of library resources, including the catalog of books and other items physically held in Suna Kırac Library and branch libraries, journal and newspaper articles, conference papers and eBooks held in databases, and much more.

inKUire allows to search our wide range of quality research resources from a single search box, making it easier for you to find the information you need without the risk of missing out on information that is stored in another database or area of the catalog.

Just enter a couple of keywords into the inKUire search box to get started with your research!


Access Freely: Open Access Resources in Science & Engineering 

Tuesday, 13rd of November at 15.00, Library Meeting Room by Sina Mater

Today, under the conditions of scientific information is very expensive and limitid access to resources, Open access pages have been getting more important  option as you can use resources easily without paying any fee. They are created  to maintain scientific circle and  include true and academic knowledge. If you need a different resource perspective , come and join our seminar  to explore this free scientific world together.


Good Lawyer = Good Researcher

Wednesday, 14th of November at 15.00, Library Meeting Room by Kamil Yeşiltaş

As a lawyer, you need some specific clue for collecting data in your research. Law has different type resources and all of them have difficulties for access. In this course you will gain ability how will you described case, which Supreme Court is important in your research area and where will you find the doctrine especially in Turkish Law.


Finding Reliable Statistical Data

 Thursday, 15th of November at 15.00, Library Meeting Room by Mithat Zencir

In the fields of Business and Economics, among other academic fields, finding reliable information is very important. Especially nowadays, the amount of available statistical data is increasing rapidly, and finding the right current data is becoming increasingly difficult. In this instruction, we will demonstrate how to find reliable statistical data, and more generally, how to use statistical resources that are available to our students.