Call for Applications for KOLT Graduate Scholarship

Author: Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT)

Subject: Call for Applications for KOLT Graduate Scholarship

Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT) will fund one third year MA/MS student under its KOLT scholarship program. The scholarship provides benefits that are equivalent to the scholarships of the Graduate Institutes at KU. The recipient of KOLT scholarships work at the KOLT offices 20 hours per week in the following areas: (1) supporting research and development activities of KOLT; (2) mentoring undergraduate students with exceptional academic problems; (3) assisting in organization of the KOLT workshops and other activities; (4) updating the KOLT web site; (5) preparing and delivering UNIV101 seminars; and, (6) assisting in administrative duties as necessary. The positions will commence in February 2013.

Criteria for eligibility for a KOLT scholarship are: (1) to be in the 3rd year of a KU MA/MS program for the period of receipt of the scholarship; (2) being a student of good standing in a graduate program; (3) having had at least one successful experience in teaching assistantship; and, (4) having a demonstrated genuine interest in contributing to undergraduate education.

Interested students should apply with a letter, a CV, and the names of two references, by January 18, 2013 via e-mail to