KOLT Lunch Workshop

Author: Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT)

KOLT Lunch Workshop


Title: Lecturing with CLICKERS
Date: February 22 (Friday), 2013, 12:30-13:30
Place: CAS B 26

Lunch will be served.

This workshop will demonstrate
(1) how to effectively integrate clickers into your lectures,
(2) how to construct questions,
(3) analyze the clickers data,
(4) different forms of use,
(5) hands-on demo.


  •  Clickers are also known as student response systems.
  •  They are handheld radio-frequency transmitters.
  •  KOLT has 160 clickers; if you would like to use them in your classes, please contact KOLT at
  •  Students use them to answer questions (multiple choice, true/false, …).
  •  They capture real-time assessment data to gauge student comprehension.
  •  They promote student engagement in class.
  •  Correct/incorrect answers and their distributions can be seen immediately after each question; or at the end of all questions.
  •  Quizzes can be either anonymous or graded.
  •  Anonymous voting allow immediate identification of the level of comprehension; and also determine the parts that have not been understood well by the students. It may give you a chance to go over those material and emphasize it one more time.