Trial Databases: SciFinder

Author: Suna Kıraç Kütüphanesi

Dear Library Users,

The Library offers trial access to SciFinder database.

SciFinder provides researchers with unlimited access to the world’s largest and most reliable collection of chemistry and related science information.

Trial access to the SciFinder is available through the Library's web site until November 14th.

SciFinder’s web-based user registration form allows you to create your own SciFinder username and password. Please use link the following URL to access the SciFinder user registration web page.

Access URL:

Your feedback about these databases would be greatly appreciated. So, please kindly fill the Trial Database Evaluation Form ( out and send it to us.

For further questions, please e-mail Derya Soguksu at

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Suna Kıraç Library