New Course! - MGMT 310

Author: Koç University Social Impact Forum


This course takes İstanbul as an urban laboratory to teach sustainability, social innovation, stakeholder collaboration for collective impact creation, collaborative project management, social value creation, social impact measurement, and inherent interconnections between business and other societal institutions to students both in the class and in the field. The course will create an experiential learning laboratory fostering collaboration between KU students, faculty and non-profit organizations in İstanbul for the aim of creating social value. This course gives students the tools to enhance their social innovation through education in the class and interactions in real life; and as well support students to understand, identify needs, match these needs with available resources to develop & implement social impact projects.

This course will be held by Zeynep Aycan and Itır Özgen.

For further information please mail or

visit KUSIF Student Center B391