First Meeting of Iranian Students Association of Koç!

Author: Student Activities & Volunteer Projects Office

Dear Koç university student and faculty members,

Are you curious about one the oldest cultures in the world? Do you want to know more about IRAN? Do you like to learn more about interesting places in the Iran? 

If you want to find the answers of these questions join us in weekly meetings of Koç Iranian associations, KIA.

What you will find in these meetings? 

  • History of Iran
  • Interesting natural and historical places in IRAN
  • Persian language and other local language
  • Culture and traditions of different parts of IRAN
  • Iranian food and traditional music from all around the country
  • What do you want to know more? You will find all of them here. 


First meeting: April 29th, Thursday

Time: 18:00

Place: CAS 133