New Course! - MGMT 350/Selected Topics in Management- Social Impact: Best Practices Approach

Author: Koç University Social Impact Forum

'MGMT 350/Selected Topics in Management-Social Impact: Best Practices Approach' course will be open in Summer 2014 term. This course involves and works on related topics: Social Impact, Social Responsibility and Civil Society, Inherent Interconnection between Business and Other Societal Institutions,Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Entreprises. 

This course is also an elective course of the new track: Community Engagement and Leadership Certificate (CELCP).

'MGMT350-Social Impact: Best Practises Approach' will host distinguished speakers who are working in the Social Impact Landscape.

This course will be held by Dr. Ayse Seda Müftügil and supported by Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF).


For info and question:   &   & KUSIF Office Student Center B391