British Council Turkey - Young Creative Entrepreneur Award

Details below are copied from the Award web site: 


Applications now open for YCE Culture Award 2014.

Are you running a young business that is building experiences around film, dance or traditional theatre?

Are you using digital platforms to connect artists and creatives and make culture accessible?

Are your customers part of a shared creative experience?

Are you displaying entrepreneurial thinking and innovation within a cultural institution as an ‘intrapreneur’?

We are looking for two people from Turkey, who are running businesses at the intersection of culture, technology and entrepreneurship, reaching new audiences using innovative models and platforms. 

The prize for winning the award is a shared tour of the UK’s creative and cultural enterprise sector, including attendance at the Remix summit in London between 13 and 19 July as well as:

  • the chance to speak at the Remix summit to an audience of culture professionals and creative entrepreneurs
  • curated group meetings to give an overview of what’s happening in the UK media industry
  • peer networking with the international participants and UK broadcast professionals
  • access to and masterclasses with UK industry figures
  • time for individual business meetings
  • opportunities to network and make business contacts

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must: 

  • own or be the driving force in a young business in the cultural/ creative sector with at least two years’ experience and no more than seven years in business.
  • be entrepreneurial and have shown their ability in the promotion of  that creative sector in their country, in either a commercial context, public context, or both
  • through their character, drive and abilities, demonstrate their potential to be a future leader of the sector in their country and a future partner for the UK
  • have English language skills to IELTS 6  – ‘competent user’ or above. The entire UK tour will be conducted in English so a high competency in the language is essential