New course of the CELPC: MGMT 345-Gateway Study of Leadership

Author: Koš University Social Impact Forum

This course is part of Rice University’s undergraduate curriculum.The Gateway Study of Leadership is a student-led research cohort focuses on leadership and power dynamics within academia as well as common themes in the professional development of faculty members.

The structure of the course is such that it is spread through 2 semesters (fall & spring). Students are expected to take both fall and spring courses of 1.5 credits, each.

Students enrolled in the program will perform qualitative research through conducting, transcribing, and coding interviews with faculty members. Sections of the complied research will be published on the KU website and the "Turning Points" booklet series. In addition to the research aspect of GSL, students are expected to attend a series of breakfast and lunch meetings with distinguished guests from Koc University and academic community in Istanbul who will share thoughts and experiences regarding leadership.

Facilitator: Zeynep Aycan 

Coordinator: Ay■e Seda Müftügil

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